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Jayne Performing MOONSHINE On STUDIO 10, National Morning TV

Updated: Feb 23

 Jayne Denham talks with Studio 10 about discovering her sound, working with American Country Artists, collaborating with Hurricane Fall on the latest single, Are You Ready for This?, and touring.

Country Trailblazer Colt Ford video calls to discuss making the Moonshine Video, Jayne and her band perform an acoustic arrangement of Moonshine live, and more!

"Thanks to Tristan MacManus & Jesse Baird for the great interview and to Colt Ford for sending a video message from the USA so could be apart of the interview, seeing I performed our song MOONSHINE." - Jayne Denham

Jayne will be headlining Toyota Park at the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 7PM.

"Thanks for all the support you guys have given MOONSHINE and the brand-new club mix that reached 30,000 streams organically in 10 days! I am so wrapped you are loving it." - Jayne Denham

The full MOONSHINE album by Jayne Denham will be released on May 3rd 2024. You can find links to listen to all singles from the album on the MUSIC page of this website, where you can also find the entire back catalogue of her Aussie country rock songs and albums.

This segment was aired on the Channel 10 morning TV show 'Studio 10' all across Australia on Friday, December 15.

Studio 10 brings a fresh take on what everyone’s talking about, with chats about showbiz, and plenty of fun to brighten up your mornings, with the much loved hosting ensemble of Tristan MacManus, Angela Bishop, Narelda Jacobs and everybody’s favourite roving reporter, Daniel Doody.

MOONSHINE Country Rock on National Morning TV

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