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 Are You Ready For This Video? Jayne Denham & Hurricane Fall Rockin' Country Together! 

Getting the party started Country Rock Songs have always been my jam. I love recording them the most as I can always picture it live with a wild country crowd. So as soon as I heard “Are You Ready For This”, I just had to cut it.


To then find out it was written by Jon Randall, Miranda Lambert and Jessi Alexander, it made total sense as to why I instantly gravitated to it. Written as a duet, I was stoked when Hurricane Fall was keen to come on board to record it with me, as they sure know how to rock.

You never quite know how voices will sound together till you hit the studio, so Jesse, Pepper and I were rapt with how well our voices sounded together and Luke’s guitar…well, say no more. It sure did add something special to the track! Produced by Brian White and Brian Bunn, the track has been created to fit the prohibition-era music style that my new album ‘Moonshine’ is based on. So, they have done a great job blending that era of music with a modern-day Country Rock twist”.

- Jayne Denham

Since performing together at various Australian festivals, Jayne, Pepper, and Jesse’s voices have all sonically blended with their edgy rock sound. Mixing them has created something exceptional, unique and electric.

Like a Hurricane joining forces with the soothing rain, we were stoked to rock out with Country powerhouse JD! The collaboration delivers powerful harmonic blends better than what we expected and a driving riff that’ll leave you thunderstruck! We have always admired JD’s vocal prowess and stage dynamic, so we jumped at the chance to work together”! Pepper Deroy, Hurricane Fall

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