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Wanted Album Reviews

Updated: Feb 21

The reviews of WANTED from fans and press are all praising the album. Here are a few quotes and highlights.

"Like a fine wine, our Jayne gets better with time, and boy has she showed everyone that she is not only a force to be reckoned with, but she's got the gumption and chops to back it up."

"Jayne, known for her trucking songs and albums, has taken a new path with her new album and it's a stunning departure which sees her riding a a musical range in a concept album that brings together images of western outlaws and powerhouse contemporary music redolent of the Serelo Leone/Clint Eastwood/ Ennio Morricone movies, but with a feminine twist - like a "high-heeled Jesse James", (Jayne's words, not mine)" - Jon Wolfe, Tamworth Country Music Capital

"After a 2020 that saw her run of tour dates in the USA evaporate (where she has been a regular visitor prior to COVID) alongside a stack of local shows, multiple Golden Guitar nominee Jayne Denham spent much of last year creating an album unlike anything else she has recorded previously."

- Gareth Bryant, scenestr

"JAYNE Denham had a clear vision for her album Wanted. It had to be an "all-tough, gun-blazing, bad-arse record."

- Josh Leeson, Newcastle Herald

"This is Australian country music at its very finest – a truckload of great songs delivered by the larger than life epitome of the genre in Jayne Denham – outdoing Jon Bon Jovi doing his outlaw cowboy rock in style and quality both!"

- Peter Coates, Life Music Media

"Wanted outlaw singer-songwriter Jayne Denham opens our show with whips, guns, horses and snakes. The mirthful mother trucker took no prisoners as she ruled rural roads and graveyards in her video for fifth album title track Wanted.

- David Dawson, Nu Country

"From the word go Australian country rock artist Jayne Denham leaves nothing in the tank from the opening chords of her new album Wanted."

- Greg Bush,

"Jayne Denham reaches a high on this album. I honestly think that this is her best album to date. The music on this album is a cross between Bon Jovi and a Western Movie Soundtrack. [...] Jayne is a unique artist on the Australian Country Music landscape. She is a little bit different to the others who are in the Country Music Female category. She is such a fusion of torch and twang and country rock and trucker music. It is really an interesting mix."

"Especially with the last songs of the album, where Wanted sounds modern, emotional, energetic, Jayne Denham delivered a really versatile, but also really good album. I did not know too much about this artist before the review – but I definitely love these songs and hope to hear more of her soon. Wanted is a collection of ten really cool tracks, which simply have to be honored by the Top Pick! award."

- Florian Buechting,

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