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Pop Culturalist Chats with Jayne Denham

Updated: Sep 19

2019 has been a massive year for Jayne Denham. The singer-songwriter from Down Under is taking over the U.S. market with her signature country sound. Her brand new single, “Black Coffee and White Lines”, is heating up the airwaves with its fun, upbeat melodies. Pop Culturalist caught up with Jayne to chat about her exciting career.

I think it would have to be being invited to perform at some of our biggest festivals in Australia and seeing so many people singing my songs. Those are the moments I never forget—knowing someone liked my songs.

Read Kevin Jan's exclusive interview with Jayne Denham which ends with her answers to the Pop Culturalist Speed Round:

  • A band or artist that fans would be surprised to learn is on your playlist?

  • First album you bought?

  • First concert you attended?

  • An album that changed your life and why?

  • A venue on your bucket list to perform at?

  • A must-have on the road?

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