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50 years of Aussie Country At the Tamworth Country Music Festival

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

THE LAND The Celebrating Aussie Country podcast was recorded and released well before the recent surge in coronavirus cases that forced the delay. We are sure you'll still enjoy the interviews and the music. Just bear in mind any references to performance dates are no longer current.

The iconic Tamworth Country Music Festival marks its 50th anniversary this year. If you can't be there in person at Australia's country music capital, we'll bring the highlights to you.

The podcast series, Celebrating Aussie Country, highlights 10 established and emerging artists.

In the 10-part series you'll hear Adam Harvey talk about his Outback adventure, where he cheated death in a tiny plane. Shane Nicholson reflects on the inspiration behind the music on his latest album, Living in Colour.

The Country Music Charts Australia are well represented with nine-time Golden Guitar winner Aussie country music singer Lyn Bowtell who lets us in on her soon-to-be-released album. And those naughty lads from Redneck Gentlemen reveal the real reason why they took to the stage with their country rock renditions. Other Australian Country Music artists included in the series are: Aleyce Simmonds, Charlie Fittler, Hurricane Fall, Johnny K, Jayne Denham and Sally-Anne Whitten.

All 10 episodes of the Celebrating Aussie Country podcast are available on Spotify from January 1.

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