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Updated: Mar 7

Join Jayne & The Band At The Beer Shed, Sydney

We're excited to invite you to the MOONSHINE album launch in Sydney on May 3rd.

The new show went off like a rocket at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, and Jayne and the band are busy making it even better with the new songs for the MOONSHINE - RISK IT ALL TOUR.

"More than anything, I love to create a unique show experience!" - Jayne Denham

The MOONSHINE Launch Party, like the new tour, will be an experience that involves all your senses with sound effects, amazing lights, props, and video for all the songs.

Traditionally, we’ve done Jayne Denham album launches in the Blue Mountains, but for the MOONSHINE launch, we're going to Sydney.

The launch party will be at The Beer Shed Brewing Co., one of the premier live entertainment hubs in Western Sydney. Over the years, many of the top names in Australian country and rock music have played there!

To complement the album's theme, there will be a tasting of both flavours of the brand-new Jayne Denham Moonshine line. If you love it, you can buy yourself a bottle or three to bring home!

Call your mates, book your flights, jump in your car, rent a helicopter or catch a train - do whatever you can to join me and the band for this epic MOONSHINE album launch party!

Book Your MOONSHINE Album Launch Party Tickets here!

The Beer Shed Brewing Co, founded in 2007, was among the pioneering small breweries in Sydney, specializing in crafting small-batch artisanal beers. Over the past 15 years, it has evolved into a premier live entertainment hub in Sydney South-West, showcasing live music concerts featuring top names in Australian country and rock music.!

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