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Jayne Is Coming To Hervey Bay

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

WHAT'S ON FRASER COAST Jayne Denham looks forward to performing in Hervey Bay in November and says that it will be an exciting and memorable night for all who attend. Here's a snippet of the interview with Jayne by Kim Parnell.

"Jayne’s musical journey was influenced by her family’s deep-rooted passion for music. Her dad, a devoted country music fan, raised her in a household where music was a constant presence. Her mother was a talented gospel singer, and her grandfather immersed himself in the world of musical theatre.

As a result, Jayne was exposed to various musical genres from a young age. However, as any teenager might attest, kids never want to do what parents tell them to do, Instead, she ventured into the world of rock music.

Jayne joined a rock band, firmly asserting her preference for rock over country. Yet, as she transitioned into her twenties, she made a surprising discovery. She stumbled upon the genre of country rock, which struck a chord with her.

It was during this period that she started writing her own songs, and to her surprise, people began to remark that her voice was more suited to country than rock. This realization marked the turning point in her musical journey, leading her to embrace country music."

The Beach House – Country

Saturday, November 18

4 pm 10 pm

Beach House Hotel Hervey Bay

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