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Help Save Farmers' Lives With Friends & A Flanno

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

NAMOI VALLEY INDEPENDENT Australians will be sporting the humble flanno to support the first ever Flanno for a Farmer Day on Friday, August 25.

Organised by Drought Angels, the $200,000 fundraising goal seems well in reach, with just $50,000 more required to reach the target that will get more Angels on the road and out into farming regions.

"By raising a few dollars and donning your finest flanno on Friday August 25, you will be supporting farmers impacted by natural disasters including drought, floods, fires, plagues, COVID, mental wellbeing concerns, and the rising costs of primary production.

"We can't thank you enough."

The campaign has also received strong support from the entertainment industry with the likes of Giaan Rooney, Tania Kernaghan, and Jayne Denham dressing in their flannos to share the important message.

Full Story in the Namoi Valley Independent.

To support this Drought Angels campaign, visit

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