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Cassidy-Rae Shares Highlights From Groundwater Country Music Festival 2023

Updated: Sep 12, 2023 As the sun went down on the first day, Jayne Denham turned up the heat with her country rock set. Grungy guitar solos from talented guitarists, heavy drumbeats pulsing every song, plus belting vocals that literally blow you away.

The crowd banged their heads to the Aussie queen of country punk rock. This powerhouse performer owned the stage and amped up the crowd ready for the Travis Collins set.

As a first timer to Groundwater, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. It’s more than just live music, it’s an experience. It’s more than just an audience, it’s a tribe. Groundwater Country Music Festival left my hands sore (from clapping way too much), my feet sore (from walking back and forth between the stages trying to see everyone) and I can’t wait till next year! Let’s get into it…

Read what she has to say about Andrew Swift, Kirsty Lee Akers, the Dozzi sisters, Brooke McClymont, Adam Eckersley, Max Jackson, Hayley Marsten, Kaylee Bell, Catherine Britt, Seaforth, Michael Carpenter and the Banks Brothers in Cassidy-Rae's Highlights From Groundwater Country Music Festival.

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