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The MOONSHINE Story With Jayne Denham & producers Brian White & Brian Bunn

Jayne talks with her producers Brian White and Brian Bunn about the MOONSHINE single and the next album.

Following the success of "WANTED", Jayne embarked on a creative journey, aiming to progress while preserving the thematic elements of her previous work.

If 'WANTED' was like riding horses in 1883, 'Moonshine' represents sliding into town on a truck—a more contemporary twist on our musical evolution.

The collaborative effort with her creative team focused on maintaining a delicate balance between familiar elements, like signature guitar tones, and the integration of modern vibes through subtle additions like synths and pads.

The evolution is a subtle maturation from the "Little Buckaroo" image to a more refined and contemporary representation.

The team emphasized the importance of retaining a recognizable brand identity, showcasing the growth from the previous album.

Musical elements on "Moonshine" include a pulsing bass synth, punchier drums, and a slightly darker ambience that aligns with the album's theme.

While discussing the upcoming release, the team acknowledged the epic nature of the songs, crafted with input from respected Nashville songwriters.

"Moonshine" is positioned as a step forward, both in terms of musicality and storytelling.

Jayne said, "As an artist, I appreciate the idea of putting together a body of work, which is the 'Moonshine' record."

The collaborative writing process added an extra layer of engagement as the team worked collectively to capture the essence of "Moonshine."

UPDATE (January 22, 2024): The full album listing with all songs and links to pre-order the CD and pre-save on streaming services are found here:

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