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‘Porch Party’ official video featuring Jasmine Rae & Amber Lawrence.

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The Official ‘Porch Party’ video featuring Jayne Denham, Jasmine Rae & Amber Lawrence is out! Little did we know when filming this video, we were only days away from the world shutting down & it would be our last Party for a while...

I hope this video inspires you to create your own Porch Party fun with those in your household right now.

A massive thanks to Jasmine Rae & Amber Lawrence - it’s been so much fun working with you both on this project.

The making of this video was as fun as it looks, so to all my Country Artist mates that came along & contributed to the craziness, to the rest of the cast & our Director Jay Seeney from Blacklist Productions

Thank you!

Drew McAlister & Troy Kemp from McAlister Kemp, Damian Baguley The Viper Creek Band, Paully Grierson & Chris Rieger SIMPLY BUSHED, Dave Blunderfield, Luke Cuerden, Reino Cuerden, Jake Bisognin, Aleesha Kemp, Lorrae Mackenzie, Norval McClean, Melissa Grierson, Gemma Grierson, Matt Sadler, Ben Lewsley, Katie Jayne, Cooper Rieger, Nina Gee, Shannyn Ristevski, Trent Solomon, Bailey Solomon, Molly Carter, Linda Seeney

Hair & makeup - Lee Hanly Makeup Artist Catering - Lisa Moore (Amazing Grazing)

Thanks to my Label manager, Will Osland Checked Label Services Producer Andrew Cochran Red Engine Recording JD team, Geoff Bell - Laing Entertainment

Single out now on all digital platforms...

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