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Jayne Denham WANTED 2021 Album Cover

WANTED (2021)

  1. Wanted [ credits | lyrics | video ]

  2. Dear Jayne [ credits | lyrics ]

  3. Better Make It A Double [ credits | lyrics | video ]

  4. Raggedy Ann [ credits | lyrics ]

  5. Highway Vagabond [ credits | lyrics ]

  6. Rainstorm [ credits | lyrics ]

  7. I Wanna Remember This [ credits | lyrics ]

  8. Better Settle Up [ credits | lyrics | video ]

  9. Aftermath [ credits | lyrics ]

  10. Beautiful World [ credits | lyrics | video ]

Produced by Brian Bunn & Brian White 
Guitars, bass, keys, and programming Brian Bunn 

Drums Chris Kimmerer

BGVs Brian White, Brian Bunn, Karyn Williams, Troy Kemp 
Mixed by Brian Bunn  

Mastering by Aria Mastering
Pressed by Replicat
Label Checked Label Services

Jayne Denham is truly one of the most exciting female vocalists Australia has seen in a long time!

She is gutsy, fierce and honest.
Jayne's new album WANTED  is a breath of fresh air in a world of similarity.

Breathtaking vocals, amazing new songs and beautiful production!
Congratulations Jayne!

Gina Jeffreys

Gina Jeffreys WANTED
Lee Kernaghan WANTED

I've had Jayne Denham's brand new album "WANTED" totally cranking in the ute. FULLY LOADED with hits... it's the new country... and WESTERN music at its best!

Lee Kernaghan

Jayne Denham's brand new album is a masterpiece standout Album of the Year!
Superbly recorded with dynamic vocals, WANTED takes you on a journey like no other!

Tania Kernaghan

Tania Kernaghan WANTED
Casey Barnes WANTED.

I was lucky enough to have an advance listen to Jayne's upcoming album "WANTED" and all I can say is: GET READY CAUSE IT'S A RIPPER! 
I love artists who push boundaries, and this record definitely does that! Make sure you check it out come release day! CONGRATS JAYNE!

Casey Barnes

Jayne Denham is an amazing singer, songwriter and most importantly …an amazing person! She's always reinvented herself whilst staying true to who she is! She has taken a great concept on this new album “Wanted" and created some fantastic songs!

Drew McAlister

Drew McAlister WANTED
Kristy Cox 2021 Jayne Denham

The refreshing sounds of WANTED are the perfect blend of outlaw and contemporary country! It's a stellar performance by Jayne and all’s a must-have album.

Kristy Cox

Jayne’s new album is a masterpiece. She has created a listening experience in a class of its own. Captivating from start to finish – Amazing!

Pepper Deroy - Hurricane Fall

Pepper Deroy Hurricane Fall
Ashleigh Dallas

Wanted is an album you need to have in your music collection. From the songs, the production, and the energy,  it’s world-class. What Jayne has created is a musical masterpiece. For the listener, it takes you on a journey - it’s like a Movie for your ears!

Ashleigh Dallas

"Jayne Denham was one of the stars of this year’s Deni Ute Muster Festival. Her show is a standout, both musically and visually.”

Chris Bodey Programmer,
Deni Ute Muster

“I’ve had the privilege of seeing Jayne's show at a few major festivals and more intimate venues. Her performances have gone to the next level. Her hugely entertaining performances make her a must-see on any bill.”

Oz Bayldon Programmer
Gympie MUSIC Muster

“Jayne Denham is undoubtedly one of the best live artists working in country music today. She has a uniquely fresh approach to her live show with high energy and one of the most exciting performances I’ve seen in a long time.”

Jeff Chandler Programmer Lighthouse Country Music Festival

“Jayne is the first artist we look at booking when putting together our festival lineups. She surely knows how to entertain the crowd with plenty of energy in all her performances.”

Scott Hollow,
Event People Australia

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